Would you like to change your life in “27 seconds?” 

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My Story


"I felt deeply that this was about to be my (27 Seconds) at this institution that would change my life forever!" How does a fifty-year-old member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who was retired from coaching high school girls basketball and retired from practicing physical therapy end up being enrolled as a student at the University of Notre Dame?  I did it by spending my life discovering, developing, and sharing my own unique purpose and mission in life.  I had a vision in mind, went after it with passion, and refused to let anything get in my way.  After years filled with both successes and failures, the vision became reality and I was admitted to my dream university. Then, after four more years of rigorous study and sacrifice, I found myself exactly where I'd always dreamed to be - approaching a platform erected inside the Edmund P. Joyce Center. It was graduation day, May 18, 2013, and I was being awarded a Masters Degree in Nonprofit Administration, with honors, from the Mendoza College of Business.  As I walked up the steps of the platform, I glanced upward and saw my image being broadcast upon the overhead Jumobtron screen in that beautiful sporting arena. I could hardly contain my excitement as I walked across that magnificent stage to receive my diploma.  And, as I anticipated for so many years, that walk, those cherished 27 seconds,

changed my life forever.

~ Jack Rolfe, CEO & Founder, School of Life Foundation

My 27 seconds Journey at Notre Dame was inspired by Rudy Ruettiger. Rudy also had a life filled with successes, failures and a dream to graduate from Notre Dame. His vision included playing football. His official time on the field lasted just 27 Seconds.

We can all have our "27 Seconds" moments in life. Those Life Changing Moments! Let me help you discover yours.



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School of Life Foundation



I provide keynote addresses and training sessions for your business, school, team, or congregation. The participants will receive keen insight on finding the key moments that can change their lives forever! Type SPEAKER INFORMATION  in the subject line below using the Contact Me box and you will be emailed information on how to arrange a visit.

"We have many speakers and presenters come to our campus on a regular basis. I have heard none better than Jack and I highly recommend that you consider having him speak and train in any setting."     

                                                 ~ Michael T.Benson

                      President, Eastern Kentucky University

"Jack provided a presentation to some of our clients and it was very enlightening. I endorse this without reservation!"    

                                                   ~ Richard Tyson

                                          President, CEObuilder

"We invited Jack to speak to the players and coaches at our summer camp for high school teams. His message was so well received they gave him a standing ovation!" 

                                                         ~ Cathy Nixon

Head Women's Basketball Coach, Utah Valley University

"Jack's presentation motivated, inspired and gave much needed direction to our organization."    

                                                          ~ John South

General Manager, National Senior Pro Rodeo Association


I originally set out to sell this book, but determined that I wanted as many people as possible to potentially be motivated by the message.       ~ Jack Rolfe

27 Seconds

Discovering Your Life Changing Moments

Receive a complimentary copy of "27 Seconds"  workbook by downloading the PDF. In this inspiring book you will LEARN how Jack Rolfe's life was changed in 27 Seconds at the University of Notre Dame, DRAW comparison to a widely recognized Notre Dame alumni who also had his life changed in 27 Seconds at the University, and DISCOVER  how you can define/create your own Life Changing Moments!


"If your company is looking to grow and develop its Culture, I highly recommend you reach out to Jack Rolfe He is an engaging speaker, that captivates, motivates, and inspires his audiences. If you ever get the chance to attend one of his presentations, run, don't walk!"

                                                           ~ Karen Parker

                Talent Acquisition Specialist, Ensign Services

"Never before have I seen a speaker command the attention and participation of an audience the way Jack did."    

                                                      ~ Jessica Tillett

            High School Student, HOBY State Ambassador